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By Jess Gilbert McHugh

On 22, Sep 2015 | In | By Jess Gilbert McHugh

Charity awareness video for Headway West Sussex

Following on from our main charity awareness video, our client was then happy for us to film a subsequent video that featured Chris, the gentleman that cares for his wife Sandy who suffered an acquired brain injury in 2007.

The brief was to create a charity awareness video that focused on how ABI affects those around the individual, who often have to become their carers. Being a carer can be isolating, and our client was keen to show how the social events and information packs that Headway West Sussex provide not only support the sufferers of ABI, but also the families that are affected as a result. 

Focusing on Chris allowed us to explore his story and create a charity awareness video that touched those who watch. It took the form of an interview, which allowed Chris to explain his experience in his own words, and gave a personal insight into what living with a brain injury sufferer is like, as well as how Headway West Sussex had helped him manage. Information about acquired brain injuries, as well as the work that Headway do to support those affected, is displayed at various instances throughout the video, to ensure those who watch are informed about both the condition, and the charity.