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4 Reasons why you should reconsider Video Marketing

On 30, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In Full Blog, Other News | By hmedia


From what I have seen during my time in the industry,  it appears to be widely considered that having a business video for your company is an expensive and massively time consuming affair or just simply not required, from what I know from my time in the industry this is far from the truth.

It’s difficult to argue with these statistics: 55% of people watch at least one online video a day, 72% of people are more likely to make a purchase after having watched a video and the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the net still not sure?… ok then, here’s four strong reasons for why you should seriously reconsider video for your marketing:


Getting a video doesn’t take ages

Creating a 3 to 5 minute video from conception to completion can realistically be done in 5 -10 days, dependant on workloads, this time includes perhaps only one or two days filming on site, limiting your business’ downtime to a minimum. In fact your video doesn’t even have to have you in it, you could always make the choice to have voiceover instead.


Videos are cost effective

While it may be something that you have not previously considered a corporate video works out to be a cost effective option in comparison to traditional printed media. Printed media charges you a fee to have something printed for a limited run of so many weeks, whereas the price of a video is one off and once the it has been produced, can be re-used as much as you require, giving it a longer ‘shelf-life’ than printed material. In addition to this video is an online medium with the chance that you will reach a far larger global audience as well as giving your company the opportunity to stand out more.


Videos are versatile

If you still wish to use printed material as part of your marketing strategy you can always make a link to your video using a QR code that can be scanned and viewed on a smart phone or tablet, making your video a far more flexible type of advertising. Personally I like the idea of using QR codes on business cards as a video will make your ‘introduction’ far more memorable and can cut out the whole ‘who gave me that card?’ fiasco.


Video use is increasing

More and more companies are using video now in their business marketing strategy, so chances are it wont be long before your competition is too. Not only are videos far more effective than the written word, 6 times more effective in fact, (which makes me question why I’m writing this) but they also make your website 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of google.


Paul Saunders
Production Assistant


Image courtesy of Olivia Alcock from Flickr

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